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Now is the time to winterize your watercraft, boat or Power Washer

Even though you might put your equipment in your garage it can still freeze and crack the casing that the water travels through, You must force or let it suck in RV anti freeze .

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You can get the fluid at any auto parts store (Do not use regular anti-freeze). Get a funnel and hook it to a small length of hose and connect it where the water would normally go it, on watercrafts you can connect it to the flush connection. For the gas power washer disconnect the spark plug wire so the machine doesn't start, pull the cord approximately 20 times to circulate it through the pump, Electric power washers will have to be turned on to suck in the anti-freeze.  For watercrafts connect a funnel and hose to the flush out hose, find the cooling water hose that feeds sea water to the engine and squeeze that hose so the anti-freeze doesn't' flow that way out of the watercraft, you want it to go through the engine and exhaust  to get out. once you see the colored anti-freeze (pink) come out your done. Always make sure you store your watercraft with the front higher than the back. Don't forget to stabilize your fuel and run it first before this winterizing, this will save your from expensive spring repairs


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