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Uses for Vinyl Letters:

bulletBoats, Jet Skis, Kayaks
bulletHotrods, Race Cars, Trucks
bulletVans, SUVs & Other Vehicles
bulletHeavy Equipment, Job Sites
bulletStorefronts, Windows, Displays

Use regular glass cleaner, clean application surface thoroughly.
Appy tape to the top portion of the decal, half of the tape on the decal, the other half on the surface. Peel away the waxed backing material. Decal will adhere to the transfer tape.
Once the waxed backing material is removed, begin pressing the decal firmly to the surface using a squeegee or a hard plastic strip. Rub down the entire surface of the decal.
Peel the transfer tape downwards and slowly.
If you end up with air bubbles, use a needle, razor blade, or exacto knife to poke small hole into bubbled area. Work the air out using the tool you applied the decal with.


Price List

Lettering for Water Craft, Windows and Vehicles

do-it-yourself from $13.95

Lettering your boat, store front or vehicle with pre-spaced computer cut vinyl letters is easy and fun. Vinyl letters last longer and look better than paint. If your boat was manufactured in the last ten years, chances are that the stripes and manufacturer's name are in the same vinyl. The lettering comes prespaced and is applied in one piece easily and quickly. Browse through the rest of our site for more details or request a flyer today.


Per Letter Price List 

  1. Pick Letter height, click on the check box next to height.

  2. Choose a style on the right by clicking on the check box.

  3. Choose a color.

  4. Type the Boat name (Lettering) the way you want it to appear using caps, lower case, punctuation.

  5. Complete form below.




Letter  Solid Outline
Height 1 Color     1 Color
2" $3.25 $3.50
3" $3.75 $4.00
4" $4.25 $4.50
5" $4.75 $5.00
6"   $5.25 $5.50
7" $6.00 $6.25
8" $6.75 $7.00
9" $7.75 $8.00
10" $8.75 $9.00
11" $10.00 $10.25

Call (631)269-5054 or Fax (631 269-9057  to place order 


Boat Name (Lettering)
Letter type (font)
Full Name